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This week, I read an article from a pro-life organization talking about the importance of the ultrasound as an indispensable tool in helping abortion-seeking women change their minds and choose life.

The ultrasound images make the human life growing inside them “real” for women.

And that reality often changes their hearts and minds in almost an instant.

But does it really “change” their hearts and minds?

Or does it simply “realign” their hearts and minds to what they already know is true – that the life growing inside of them is precious and worthy of protection.

I think it’s more the latter, and this has important implications for those of us who work on the front lines of pro-life, and when I say the “front lines” I mean the pro-life organizations that compete against Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry for abortion-seeking patients.

“Compete” is a key word in that sentence because in the business world when we say compete we often use the phrase “demand generation,” meaning our business does things that influence our target customers to want our product or service instead of our competitor’s product or service.

And for many products and services, it truly is a case of generating demand for them because most people really don’t need or want those products.

In a sense, good marketing and sales kind of “make” people want those products.

But I think the case of an abortion-seeking woman is very different.

We aren’t so much generating demand for her to choose life as we are channeling demand for her to choose life.

I can demonstrate what I mean by channeling demand by returning to the example of the ultrasound.

I think the success of the ultrasound in influencing abortion-seeking women to choose life shows that they already had in their hearts and minds to do exactly that – choose life.

No fancy words are needed to influence the woman.

She sees reality on the screen and an instant connection is made – a connection that was already there in her heart but just needed to be channeled in the right direction.

The ultrasound is the best tool in the pro-life arsenal as an intervention to channel the demand to choose life.

But the ultrasound is exactly that, a late stage intervention tool.

The key to winning more decisions for life is to not wait for an intervention, but to proactively channel demand for life before a woman ever faces an unexpected pregnancy.

Much more on that in future articles.


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