Pro-Life Algorithms

We humans love a great story.
We are easily pulled into stories about heroic adventure.
The movie industry in Hollywood knows this well.
It’s unlikely you can think of any blockbuster movie that didn’t have a basic plot line of a hero overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles to win the day…

All Hat, No Cattle

In the previous article, I finished with the claim that, like the sharks on Shark Tank, a pro-life philanthropist who saw a typical PHC’s “sales” results, would say to a PHC board of directors and its executives, “I’m out, until you fix this.”
In their competition against Planned Parenthood, the vast majority of PHCs in the U.S. cannot bring forward a data-centric analysis that proves to a prospective pro-life philanthropist that there is significant demand for the PHC’s “choose life” product offering, as measured by market share…

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