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With the US Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision on June 24, 2022, leading to the overturn of Roe versus Wade, many in the pro-life community couldn’t wait to see what the ROI (Return On Investment) would be in terms of lives saved from abortion in future months and years following the ruling.

After all, it’s hard to even calculate the amount of human energy and financial capital that had been poured into pro-life efforts for almost five decades to get the egregiously immoral Roe law overturned following its establishment in 1973.

And now almost two years on the other side of the Dobbs decision, we have an answer to the ROI question.

And the answer is, thanks be to God, that there has been measurable positive ROI in terms of lives saved from abortion following the overturn of Roe!

National Right to Life, in its excellent just-released report “The State of Abortion in the United States,” calculates the lives saved number to be 89,000.

Assuming that number is correct, that is a tremendous result when we remember that every human life is a precious one-of-a-kind never to be repeated child of God.

Even so, the competitive side of me wonders if we could have done better.

And the businessman side of me wants to know just how much that 89,000 number moves the needle in terms of measurable impact versus the abortion numbers of the Abortion Industrial Complex (AIC).

In other words, what is team pro-life’s score against team pro-abortion’s score?

I’m afraid the news on that account is sobering.

Very sobering.

Reports vary on what abortion numbers have been nationwide the past two years, but suffice it to say they haven’t gone down significantly following the overturn of Roe.

It appears the abortion industry is still conducting 900,000 to 1,000,000 abortions annually, and an ever increasing percentage of those, 60 to 70%, are done by the abortion pill.

This is deeply disconcerting, of course, and makes one wonder if a change of strategy is due in the pro-life community because frankly, the pro-life community’s current strategies and tactics look a lot like the strategies and tactics used in the decades before Roe was overturned.

As a thought experiment, I wonder what could have happened if all of that 50 years of human energy and financial capital that was poured into efforts to overturn Roe had been instead focused on a different area of the battlefield in the pro-life against pro-abortion struggle?

Is there an area of that battlefield that would have generated a significantly higher ROI for team pro-life in terms of lives saved from abortion?

I believe there is significant evidence that the answer to that question is a very big YES.

What area of the battlefield am I talking about?

Using brand marketing to win the hearts and minds of women before they ever face an unexpected pregnancy.

But I want to make a clear distinction here.

I do not mean using brand marketing to try to influence women to be pro-life.

After all, the shocking fear of an unexpected pregnancy often overrides a woman’s personal pro-life moral beliefs about abortion.

We know this to be true from the CareNet study in 2015 showing that 40% of all abortions were obtained by women who go to church on Sundays. (

Instead of using brand marketing to promote pro-life beliefs, I’m talking about using brand marketing to promote life-affirming women’s healthcare organizations.

I believe this type of brand marketing, done well and done extensively, would be a game changer for pro-life.


Because recent research (The Effects of Abortion Decision Rightness and Decision Type on Women’s Satisfaction and Mental Health) indicates that 6 out of 10 women who had abortions actually wanted to choose life but needed more emotional and financial support in order to change their minds about abortion.

The tragedy is that the needed emotional and financial support already exists at local life-affirming Pregnancy Help Centers in every city, but the majority of women simply don’t know about it.

And the reason they don’t know is that no one has told them about it through, you guessed it, brand advertising.

What would happen if we started telling them about it through brand advertising?

Let’s do a little math.

In one year, if 6 out of 10, or 60%, of all the women who would become abortion clients decided instead to choose life because they were aware about organizations in their communities that would provide them emotional and financial support, that would save in one year approximately 600,000 lives from abortion.

Please read that again.

600,000 lives, in one year.

That is the kind of ROI we need to change the game and put the Abortion Industrial Complex on the defensive.

This is why our team at Heroic Media is going all-in on the strategy of rapidly establishing in each city across the country an attractive telehealthcare lifestyle brand that women will know about before they face an unexpected pregnancy.

The life-affirming Registered Nurses who are the faces of our telehealthcare service will give women all the medical facts they need, and information about the emotional and financial support available to them should they choose to carry their pregnancies to term.

We believe over time that this will lead to 6 out of 10 women, who would have chosen abortion, choosing life instead.

Imagine the impact that would have in your city!

You can learn more about our telehealthcare strategy at or you reach out to me personally through my website.


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