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As often as those who support the Abortion Industrial Complex (AIC) sing the praises of Planned Parenthood as the greatest gift to women, you would think that Planned Parenthood would offer stellar 5 star service to its women clients.

Well, not so much.

You don’t need to find a research report to uncover just how poorly Planned Parenthood locations actually treat women.

Just use Google maps to find your nearest Planned Parenthood location and then take a look at the reviews left by real clients.

Here’s what I saw when I did that today:

A couple of low 3 star ratings and one 2.6 star rating.

That’s not exactly knocking it out of the park when it comes to client satisfaction.

A deeper dive into the reviews left by clients is revealing.

Here’s one of my favorites selected from one of many one star ratings:

“Horrific!!! The front desk employees are extremely rude and not knowledgeable. Not sure if anyone here has any medical experience, as these women are not “nurses.” They forgot to fill my prescription and then when I called they stated I needed to book another appointment for an extra $200, which I was assured I wouldn’t need to do, to receive my prescription? Don’t say one thing and then go back on it. I’ve never left a review before but felt it was necessary. Take your valid health concerns where they have compassion and real doctors, anywhere but here.”


Not exactly a shining endorsement of the supposed world class women’s healthcare that Planned Parenthood supporters claim the organization offers women.

But perhaps I’m being a little too critical?

After all, all businesses come up short in their customer service at times.

Maybe the powers that be at Planned Parenthood saw this clinic that had such low client satisfaction ratings and sent in the calvary to whip it into shape!


That one star rating was from three years ago, and the majority of other one star ratings at this particular Planned Parenthood location are within the last two months.

It appears that serving women at a high level of quality is not a priority.

Should this surprise us?


As I said in a recent article (Why the Abortion Industry Withholds Information from Women):

“So if you want to understand how the abortion industry has moved from “Safe, legal and rare,” to “Shout your abortion,” in only a 25 year period, look no further than the almighty dollar.

I believe the abortion industry is guilty of two acts of unfathomable evil.

Upstream, the abortion industry withholds information and resources from women that would lead to 6 out of 10 of them choosing life instead of abortion.

And then downstream, the abortion industry takes the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent preborn human lives every year.

It is an industry built on nothing more than blood money.”

It’s simple really.

The Abortion Industrial Complex (AIC) views women as objects with dollar signs on their foreheads, not as subjects worthy to be served with the greatest dignity and respect.


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