All Hat, No Cattle

In the previous article, I finished with the claim that, like the sharks on Shark Tank, a pro-life philanthropist who saw a typical PHC’s “sales” results, would say to a PHC board of directors and its executives, “I’m out, until you fix this.”
In their competition against Planned Parenthood, the vast majority of PHCs in the U.S. cannot bring forward a data-centric analysis that proves to a prospective pro-life philanthropist that there is significant demand for the PHC’s “choose life” product offering, as measured by market share…

Into the Shark Tank

In yesterday’s article, I claimed that for a typical PHC, the board members’ own strong emotional desires to end abortion results in them losing objectivity when evaluating the performance of the PHC executives and team members responsible for getting results.
Subjective feelings based on emotional intent and trying hard, replace objective data revealing measurable success…

The Cost of Living

I am grateful for a very insightful comment on yesterday’s post.
Ed commented, “Would PHCs located in certain difficult neighborhoods, cities or even cultures be at a disadvantage if the Cost-Per-Life-Saved metric became ubiquitous and became the sole (emphasis mine) measure of success…?”

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