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The abortion industry’s influence is far reaching, and it will try to eliminate anything that contradicts the narrative that abortion is a great social good.

The latest example of this came on Monday this week when independent academic publishing company Sage Publishing retracted two previously published studies about the potential harms of the abortion pill.

One of the studies found that the rate of emergency room visits following women taking the abortion pill increased 500% from 2002-2015.

The other study analyzed the likelihood of recurring emergency room visits when women did not disclose to doctors that they had taken the abortion pill.

You can read the full story here:

The timing of the retraction of both studies is highly suspect given that the US Supreme Court is set to hear arguments about the abortion pill drug Mifepristone in March.

It’s difficult to buy Sage Publishing’s assertion that the retractions weren’t politically motivated because both studies were cited in the US District Court ruling in 2023 that suspended approval of Mifepristone, a decision that ultimately led to the coming US Supreme Court hearing.

What are we to make of this?

I think it’s fair to say that following the Dobbs and Roe decision by the US Supreme Court, the gloves are off for the abortion industry in its ongoing war against the pro-life community.

And because the abortion industry had for decades successfully instilled pro-abortion thinking into both the media industry and academia, it can now leverage that to its advantage.

The abortion industry clearly believes it has the upper hand because it doesn’t even try to hide its questionable tactics any longer.

How should the pro-life community respond?

I believe the abortion industry’s deep pockets mean that it is already deep in the pockets of society’s political and industrial so-called “elite.”

I don’t think that trying to respond in kind should be the pro-life community’s game plan.

Instead, I believe the most impactful long-term plan with the highest likelihood of success would be to take our case directly to young women, by making sure they know that emotional and financial support are available to them should they face an unexpected pregnancy.

Research reveals that 6 out of 10 women who had abortions say they would have chosen life instead had they had just two things: emotional and financial support. (See report here)

Confirming this research, in our frontline experience at Heroic Media we have decades of data showing women changing their minds about abortion and choosing life once they know they are supported.

Young women are ultimately the ones who decide to either get abortions or choose life, and therefore, even if the pro-life community loses its battles against media and academia, we can still win where it matters most: in the hearts and minds of young women.


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