Eventually, It Catches Up With You

In yesterday’s article, I mentioned the concept of “buyer’s remorse,” also sometimes called “buyer’s regret.”
This occurs when the buyer of a product or service eventually realizes that they made a mistake – that the product they bought did not measurably improve their lives, and instead, likely diminished their lives in a specific way…

All You Need Is Love

Yesterday, I was blessed to participate in a three-way phone conversation with Bridget VanMeans, the leader of ThriVe Express Women’s Healthcare (Read my articles about ThriVe here, here, here, and here), and a pro-life benefactor (he subscribes to my articles but I don’t have permission to use his name here) who wanted to learn more about ThriVe’s strategy.
As always, Bridget offered a treasure trove of insights about what it takes for a pro-life Pregnancy Medical Center to win, as measured by market share, against Planned Parenthood…

Talk Is Cheap

When you were a teenager, did you talk a big game about all the problems in the world, and how you were sure you had the answers?
I know I did.
And those answers always went something like this: Equality! Justice! Fairness! Love! Generosity…!

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