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Kelly Lester, who works for the excellent pro-life ministry And Then There Were None, recently wrote an article for Fox News about her past experience with the abortion pill.

You can read the article at this link: https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/4-abortions-abortion-pill-words-women-getting-full-story

In my experience talking with many in the pro-life community, there is a general lack of awareness about the abortion pill so I wanted to pick up on a few comments Kelly made in her article and expand on them further.

Kelly said, “More than half of abortions in this country are done through the abortion pill.”

In my interactions with pro-lifers the past 6 months, many are shocked to hear this statistic that the abortion pill has become so prevalent.

Even more shocking are recent estimates that the abortion pill currently accounts for as much as 60% to 70% of all abortions in the U.S.

And that percentage continues to grow and will eventually likely top 80% of all abortions.

“Modern abortion,” if I may call it that, does not take place as a surgical procedure done at a certain location, on a certain date, done by an abortionist.

Modern abortion is done using pills, taken by the woman herself in the privacy of her own home.

In essence, the woman herself becomes the abortionist.

Another eye-opening comment by Kelly is, “There are some huge missing pieces in the public fight over access to abortion pills, pills which apparently non-pregnant women in the United States have been stockpiling for the last 18 months.”

You may be wondering how women could be “stockpiling” abortion pills.

Simply, abortion pills are available by mail order – no matter what the laws are in your state about abortions.

It is essential that all pro-lifers understand that this is our new reality, so I would like you to see for yourself how easy it is for women in your state to order abortion pills.

Please visit the Plan C website at https://www.plancpills.org/ and click on your state to learn how young women in your local community are ordering abortion pills.

For example, on the Plan C website if I choose Texas (https://www.plancpills.org/abortion-pill/texas), where I live and where abortion is outlawed, the webpage says:

How to get the abortion pill online in Texas

Texas restricts abortion pill access, but there are several ways people still get abortion pills by mail in Texas. Learn more by reviewing the “where people get pills options” below.

The options offered on the Plan C website for women in Texas to get abortion pills by mail include:
1) Online clinics that mail pills ($150 or less)
2) Websites that sell pills ($42 and up)
3) Community networks that mail pills (Free)

The very important point to remember is that abortion pills can find their way to women in your state even if abortion is illegal there.

The final point I will make about the abortion pill is based on Kelly’s statement, “The reality is that women are indeed capable of making an informed decision if they have all the information in a way they can understand,… like a study that showed abortion pills are four times as dangerous as a first trimester surgical abortion. But abortion clinics and the makers of the abortion pill don’t want to take that chance because women could make a decision that fails to benefit the clinics and pill makers financially.”

Kelly’s point about abortion pill providers not providing women with all the information they need to make an informed decision is true.

What would happen if abortion pill providers did provide a woman with accurate information about abortion, and also accurate information about help that was available to a woman if she chose to carry her pregnancy to term?

Recent research asking women who had abortions what, if anything, would have changed their minds towards choosing life (see the research here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10257365/) strongly indicates that about 6 out of 10 of women would choose life if they were accurately informed about the emotional and financial support available to them should they choose to carry their pregnancies to term.

6 out of 10 abortion-seeking women changing their minds about abortion and choosing life would be a major blow to the abortion industry.

Therefore, abortion pill providers have no financial interest whatsoever in making sure women have the information they need to make an informed decision.

It is obvious that the abortion industry does not care about empowering or dignifying women.

Instead, the abortion industry objectifies pregnant women, seeing them as nothing more than a means to financial gain.


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