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In the last article, we talked about the fact that since there is no concentration of overwhelming force by the pro-life community, it poses no serious competitive threat to the abortion industry.

Recall that from a metrics perspective, nine out of ten abortion-seeking women will end up getting an abortion.

How can pro-life organizations unify to become a more impactful competitive force?

Here’s my thought process on that question.

It seems to me that there has to be some foundational strategy upon which all the pro-life organizations agree.

Unfortunately, this has never happened in the pro-life community.

You could say the pro-life house is unified in spirit – all passionately agree with the principle of the right to life – but divided in action.

Many pro-life organizations are focused primarily on the human rights issue of abortion, while many other pro-life organizations, mostly front line life-empowering pregnancy centers, are focused primarily on serving the immediate needs of women facing unexpected pregnancies.

This dynamic in the pro-life community is often captured in phrases like “Love them both.”

Naturally, “love them both” is a wonderful sentiment but is it a strategic advantage?

I think it’s a major strategic disadvantage.


Because our competitor, the abortion industry, is strategically laser focused on only one of the “both,” and that one is the woman, not the preborn human being whom they completely ignore.

This immediately affords the abortion industry a competitive advantage because it doesn’t have to divide precious resources of time, attention, effort and money toward any other target markets.

In addition, and this is absolutely key from a strategic perspective, the abortion industry’s target market, the woman, also happens to be the decision maker about getting, or deciding not to get, an abortion.

This is why the abortion industry is relentless in its pursuit to influence and build trust with women from the time they are little girls in elementary school.

Abortion statistics year after year confirm that the abortion industry’s strategy of intense singular focus on the woman has been exceedingly effective.

So if you asked me if there is an industry the pro-life community can learn from in terms of crafting a unifying strategy that can massively reverse the calculus from losing nine out of ten decisions for abortion to actually winning a majority of decisions for life, my answer would be that we need look no further than the foe against whom we’ve been competing for half a century: the abortion industry.

The unifying strategy?

Make the singular focus the woman and we will eventually win.


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