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I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept of a “win-win” agreement.

Dictionary.com defines win-win as “advantageous to both sides, as in a negotiation.”

In other words, it’s not a competition of “I win, you lose.”

On the contrary, it expresses the belief that “I don’t win unless you win too.”

Now think about that from the perspective of a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy who will choose either to abort her preborn child, or to carry her pregnancy to term.

Recalling the Dictionary.com definition, we have two sides in a negotiation: the woman and her preborn child.

What win-win outcome will be advantageous to both of them?

For life-empowering women’s healthcare clinics, the win-win outcome is obvious: when a woman chooses to carry her pregnancy to term the preborn child “wins” because he gets to live.

But how is this advantageous to the woman?

How does she win?

Many in the abortion industry would say that it is decidedly not advantageous to the woman to carry her pregnancy to term.

They would say that a woman carrying a pregnancy to term is in fact a disadvantage because it will obstruct her from getting what she wants in life.

Yet, don’t you find it strange that many of the same people in the abortion industry who believe this would very likely teach their own daughters from an early age to be “fair” to other children when interacting with them.

In other words, by telling their daughters to be fair to other children they are essentially telling their children to seek win-win interactions with others, not win-lose interactions.

I think this inconsistency in thinking among those who believe abortion is a societal good causes such a deep cognitive dissonance that they must consciously dehumanize the preborn.

They cannot admit a preborn human into the “negotiation” because if they do so, it is blatantly obvious that abortion is a win-lose arrangement.

More to come….


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    • Doug

    • 10 months ago

    I love when you hear the “other-side” state that Choosing an abortion is a very difficult decision. But I thought it was basic healthcare and not a big deal.

    Brushing my Teeth is a basic form of health care and not a decision that is made with any stress whatsoever. How can ending the life of a child in the womb be both difficult decision and just some basic healthcare.

    You can’t square that circle.

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